Child Development

Our Human Values Development (HVD) programme establish the building stones of character, self-discipline and values so they develop compassion for their peers and others in the community and to develop respectful, healthy social interactions.

HVD© programme is based on the foundations of the Universal Human Values of Love, Truth, Right-Conduct, Peace and Non-Violence. Through HVD© children learn to trust, share, give, have courage and more, all of which lay the foundation of successful future life.


We have two systems in place to provide a unique child development path

Human Values Development


Objectives of Our HVD© Programme:

  • Developing a basic Understanding of the Environment & Social Responsibility
  • Developing foundations of Personal Responsibility & Accountability
  • Developing foundations of Integrity & Character
  • Developing foundations of Self-discipline
  • Developing capability to Work with Peers
  • Developing Sharing and Caring
  • Develop Courage

Objectives of Our PT© Programme:

  • Developing Problem solving approaches
  • Developing Simple Reasoning Skills
  • Developing Decision Making Skills
  • Developing Global learners
  • Developing Mindset to Flourish

Tracking Progress:

Our team develop differentiated learning to meet each child’s individual development stage
We track the progress of the child’s providing parents and carers with regular written assessments of their child’s progress and attainment against the EYFS curriculum and against our development programmes.
At the age of two, three and four we provide a complete progress check with consultation and input from the parents and carers.
Our checklist provide parents and carers with a definitive picture of their child’s development and allows early identification of any development needs as well as proposing appropriate intervention and support strategies.


EYFS Pioneering Technology

Our EYFS Pioneering Technology (PT) programme allow children to explore freely a wide variety of developmentally appropriate interactive media experiences that are designed on the foundations of the EYFS to allow the ultimate comprehensive child development.


We are a full-time Childcare Nursery caring and developing children from 0-5 years old all year long.

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