Promoting Selfcare And Independence InNursery

At 21st Century Kidz Nursery we work hard to encourage selfcare and independence children in our care throughout their time with us at our nursery in Blackburn.

From the age of 3 we teach and assist our pre-schoolers in washing their hands and face. As they grow older, we endeavour to teach them more independence and they are supervised to do these things for themselves independently. We also encourage wiping their own noses, cleaning up after themselves by putting tissue in the bin and locating their coats and belongings as they get ready to leave.


As children become older, their own desire for independence hastened this develop if we provide them with the foundation blocks they need. Day nursery provides a wonderful opportunity for children to learn to take care of themselves in their early years, away from the comforts of mum and dad.

By the time children have progressed to 2 or 3, their language is also beginning to develop, demonstrating their determination for independence further. Dressing themselves, role playing with their friends, pouring themselves a drink, and starting to use the potty all show a developing sense of self awareness and independence, which we actively encourage for children in our day nursery in Brownhill.

As children move up into their final year with and begin their time in our Blackburn preschool, their independence is a huge part of how they manage their day. From first arrivals in the morning to self-serving at snack time, we encourage children in our nursery to be self-reliant, including putting away their own artwork, helping carers to tidy up, taking care of their own toileting and more.

Nursery and preschool is such a fundamental time in the development of a young child’s mind and personality, and their independence is a huge part of that, providing them with the confidence they need later in life to be proactive in going after what they want. Allowing children to make their own choices also helps them to carve out their own identity, likes and dislikes, building their self-image and confidence.

While we can take all the measures possible to ensure your child develops a strong sense of independence and selfcare during their time with us, it is also important to remember that the same ideas should be continued in the home, so as to avoid children developing a different sense of self or complacency when not in an educational environment.


Here are some ways in which you can help your child’s development:

  • Give your child plenty of targeted praise when they attempt a new challenge, even if unsuccessful.
  • Set aside time for your child to enjoy activities, such as getting changed, for themselves.
  • Be comfortable with things becoming messy while your child is learning a new skill.
  • Try to create lots of opportunities for independence throughout their day, such as asking them to help set the table.
  • Provide commentary while your child is trying a new task, such as “Don’t forget to wash in between your fingers to get rid of those nasty germs!” rather than taking over and doing it for them.