Quality Childcare

The nursery operates a key-person system whereby each child is allocated a particular staff member as the main carer throughout the day, because we are a small friendly nursery your child will be familiar with all of the staff members in a matter of days, as will you as parents and carers. This is one area we pride ourselves in, as the majority of staff have been working at the nursery for a number of years and all have the relevant qualifications and most importantly experience.



A Unique Child

Our staff keenly observe, monitor, and understand your child’s development and learning, indentifying all the child’s needs, requirements for additional support, inclusion, safety, health and well-being

Positive Relationship

Our staff foster a sense of belonging in your child, and are sensitive and responsive to your child’s needs, feelings and interests. They also support and build your relationship with your child. We get to know you, your child and learn about the values, expectations and the factors that shape your lives at home and in your community

Enabling Environments

Our staff provide a stimulating, extremely well-resourced learning environment to your child with rich learning opportunities. They also provide opportunities for you to be involved in your child’s development at the Nursery

Learning and Development

Our staff provide your child challenging, playful opportunities across the prime and specific areas of learning and development

Our EYFS Curriculum

Our curriculum is delivered through child-initiated and teacher-led activities. Based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework there are seven areas of learning that shape our educational programmes.

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pre-school in Blackburn
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We are a full-time Childcare Nursery caring and developing children from 0-5 years old all year long.

The first piece in your child’s development